Thursday, February 22, 2024

Why Women Need To Daily Exercise

Women know they need exercise, but who has the time? Combining a career, a family, and everything else often pushes women’s personal needs to take a back seat to other concerns. There are numerous reasons why women need to include exercise in their daily routines. Of course, there is the evident benefit of shaping a slimmer body, but did you know that exercise for women has also been shown to relieve depression, help prevent colon cancer, and boost the immune system?


Besides, regular exercise for women prevents osteoporosis by strengthening their bones. Many women find that exercise relieves the symptoms of premenstrual tension (PMT), painful periods as well as pre-and post-menopausal symptoms.


Women who are physically fit before and during pregnancy often have less severe back and labor pain. They also experience effortless deliveries than unfit women. Further, fit mothers-to-be are less apt to become overweight and regain their pre-pregnancy figures much more quickly after giving birth.


Furthermore, to improve their appearance and overall health, many women say that exercise helps to boost their self-confidence in all aspects of their lives. Mary McElroy, professor of kinesiology at the University of Kansas, says, Exercising gives women a sense of accomplishment directly related to self-esteem. It can have a powerful effect on self-image, too. It would take its benefits beyond health. Summing up, the workout is a significant component of life quality.


In recent years, there has been a boom in the variety of workouts for women. Besides, the increased availability of exercise and physical recreation options, including online fitness programs, is mainly because more and more women are taking a vital interest in staying fit and muscular.  Studies have shown that a combination of cardiovascular and strength and flexibility exercises (walking, running, stair climbing, kickboxing, yoga, cycling), and other recreational activities, helps women stay healthier. They will surely be happier and more productive than their sedentary counterparts.


Note; always consult with a professional health care advisor before beginning any physical fitness program.

This content is published for informational purposes only and cannot replace the work of a professional. We recommend that you consult with your trusted specialized professional.