Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Eye strobing: the trendy make up technique to illuminate the eyes

We saw it last Armani Privé fashion show and we loved it. It’s called “eye strobing” and it’s revolutionizing makeup because it illuminates the eyes immediately. And the best thing is that it’s a very simple technique, suitable for beginners and adapts to different ages and looks. Here’s what it’s all about.


It’s the best-kept makeup secret of the Armani Privé fashion shows, and makeup artist Linda Cantello reveals it to us. It’s a technique based on the principle of “eye strobing” (also called “eye lighting”) that consists of illuminating the eyes in a few seconds, using eye shadow or highlighter.  The idea is to highlight the eyes and put them in the foreground but in a subtle way and, of course, bringing a lot of light to the eyes.

What is eye strobing?

It is a technique that sets a trend because of its results and because it is very easy to perform: it is simply a matter of highlighting the eye makeup with a touch of light and bright shadow, placed on the tear trough and the inner corner of the eye. Various shades of shadow can be used to illuminate, but in general, when it comes to eye strobing, the favorites are silver, gold, beige, nude, light pink, or mother-of-pearl (always iridescent). In tune with the times, “eye lighting” is a trend that was born on the catwalks and today floods Instagram. But if in the last Armani Privé Haute fashion show the slogan was to gently enlarge the eyes and illuminate the pupils, on the social network celebrities go a step further with eyes in the foreground of colorful makeup.