Thursday, July 25, 2024

CES 2021: The main trends in computer games.

The technology fair held its annual virtual edition and presented fascinating products for the future of gaming.

In 2020 due to the pandemic, many significant electronics, and video game events have been canceled. Instead, some fairs chose to be held in person, like in the case of CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Every year, products and initiatives that seek to innovate in different fields have been presented, and there were meaningful developments in video games. These are some of the highlights of the 2021 edition of the technology fair par excellence.

Laptop Gamers

Brands like ASUS and MSI drove a day loaded with new advancements in PCs, some new models, and the arrival of some top picks. 


The Republic of Gamers (ROG) division of ASUS presented relevant new models that took all the attention during 2020. However, the principal announcement was made by the Flow X13, which claims to be the most forceful compact notebook. It has a 13-inch screen, the possibility of presenting it in tablet mode, and the technology to connect an external graphics card without losing anything of its performance. It will weigh just over one kilogram and will be 15.8 millimeters thick.


In the same way, ASUS presented the new ZenBook Pro Duo 15 OLED model. It has more highlights on its optional showcase, which additionally has more shading loyalty and different oddities. Regardless of not being essential for the ROG line, one of its fundamental advancement focuses is streaming and substance creation, which advantages to the outrageous with the additional board of capacities. 


As far as concerns, MSI introduced the Stealth 15M, advanced as the most slender PC of 15″. It includes the eleventh generation; Intel processor and an Nvidia illustrations card with Ray Tracing innovation uphold. It is much more than prepared for the era of computer games that has quite recently started.

Razer Universe

Although the Razer Company also announced a new variety of laptops for gamers, its most innovative products went in another direction. On the one hand, they anticipated Project Brooklyn, a very particular gamer chair, which includes a folding OLED screen for greater immersion. It is a prototype of what promises to be the future of gamer chairs. It contains haptic feedback similar to that presented by the controls of the consoles of the new generation. Even though folding, transparent monitors were presented at the CES 2021, Project Brooklyn is far from being a reality.


The Project Hazel will be a reality. It is a face mask model designed by Razer, which incorporates air channels with programmable lights, yet additionally has an amplifier and speaker to have the option to talk without burden. Right now, the likely dispatch date of this item is unknown. 


The mouse of the future

Peripherals consistently have their classification at CES 2021, and, this year a model was introduced that vows to supplant the mouse. Edge Bionics has foreseen the Impulse Neuro-Controller, a sort of glove,  that distinguishes nerve driving forces shipped off the fingers before they move to click. In this way, proficient players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, for instance, could dispose of the reaction time when shooting a foe. Like different innovations introduced at CES, this driver is in development.


Tactigon Skin 2.0 is another peripheral that tries to improve in the field of mice. It is a mouse that can be utilized ordinarily, even so, its most standing out fascination is its motion capacities. The authority advance guarantees that it is an apparatus that serves in various zones from gaming to work. Yet, almost certainly, it won’t have as much effect on games as the Brink Bionics item.

Processing power

While the support gamers are just starting to test the advantages of the new platforms, in PC gaming, significant advancements are been introduced by Intel and AMD. The two organizations have anticipated their new lines of processors, both for work areas and PCs.


In the virtual introductions, titles like Hitman 3 and Horizon have appeared. In the case of Zero Dawn working with the new processors and those of the previous generation. This situation not just foreseen the force of these new elements, yet additionally clarified the significance of processors when playing games, paying little heed to the video card that goes with the setup.


In electronic sports, there were also reforms, although they were not related to technological innovations. Instead, it was announced that some of the most relevant brands in the world will be sponsoring professional teams starting this year. 

Gen.G is a company that has eight teams in different parts of the world and announced its agreement with LG, which will provide Ultra Gear monitors to the distinct squads to improve their performances.

Virtual Reality

The gamer industry is still debating whether Virtual Reality (VR) will be the future of gaming. Whereas, current numbers reveal that only 2% of PC gamers own a helmet at home. However, there are still new developments in this area, such as the bHaptics TactSuit X40 VR vest. 


Different models offer different experiences, but the base is a vest with 40 vibration points. The Bluetooth connection anticipates that it is not a unique VR peripheral but, could be tested with all kinds of games.